Monday 5 March 2018

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Wild Winter Rose : 36x48in.  oil on panel.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Oil Palette Knife on Canvas / Oil Palette knife on Artist Panel

Wild Winter Rose   45x60in.   

Munstead Wood Rose    45x60in. 

Crocus Rose    45x60in.   

 Dolce Vita   48x48in.   2012

Jardin de Bagatelle   40x60in.  

Winter Skies   40x40in.  

Snow White Rose   36x36in.  

Oil on Canvas / Oil on Canvas Board / Oil on Masonite
Poppies for Patrick:   36 X 60in.  2017 COMMISSION

Felicity   72x54in.  COMMISSION  
Black and White   52inX52in.  COMMISSION  
Untitled   52inX52in. 

Atonement 18inx22in. 

Tango 36X36in.     SOLD
Peabody Foxtrot 48inx48in.     SOLD 
Jitterbug Jive 30inx30in.  

Solimoes 48inx48in.     SOLD 
Introduction to The Gypsy Baron 48inx48in.  

Giacomo The Court Jester 30x30in.     SOLD 
The Tango,  framed  20x20in.       
A Fantasy Woodland  72inX48in.     SOLD
 Family Gathering 63in X 126in.   2008   SOLD 
The Meeting Place 38in X 64in.   2007   SOLD 
The Stand 32inX40in.   2007   SOLD   
Fantasy Forest 90inX54in.   2008   SOLD
October Sun 20x24in.  2008   SOLD 
Autumn Harvest 16X16in.   2008   SOLD 
Autumn Reflections 47x47in.   2006   SOLD 
Coppertone Leaf 25x25in.   2007   SOLD 
 Maple Leaf Series #4 90x54in.   2007   SOLD

Distinctly Green 90x54in.   2007

Royal Gold 72x48in.   2007 (Private Collection)

The Rustic Canadian Leaf 64x38in.   2007 (Private Collection)

Winter Leaf 64x38in.  2007   SOLD 
Alvita the Flamenco Dancer 54inx54in.   2006   SOLD  
Evening Star 30x30in.  2006   SOLD 
 Polaris 30x30in.  2006   SOLD 
Lightning Strike 30x24in.   2006   SOLD 
Blue Nautilus 30iinx30in.  2007   SOLD 
The Depths 40x40in.  2006   SOLD 
My Fantasy Garden 90x54in.   2006   SOLD 
Reaching For The Stars 60inx48   1999   SOLD